Syniadau gwaith plant a phob oed – adnoddau a syniadau Saesneg

Gweinidogaeth a Chenhadaeth gyda phlant a phobl o bob oed –
rhai ffynhonellau a syniadau o tu allan i Gymru

Yn yr adran hon ceir cyfeiriadau at fudiadau Saesneg eu hiaith sy’n arbenigo mewn gwaith plant ac addoli pob oed. Mae linciau uniongyrchol i wefannau sy’n cynnig cymorth ac anogaeth i bawb sy’n ceisio arwain sesiynau dysgu ac addoli pob oed.

Roots for Churches
Roots for Churches
2 bi-monthly magazines supported by a website offering creative ideas on worshipping and learning with children and all ages.
EngageWorship is a new expression of the Music and Worship Foundation, furthering the vision and values of MWF for a new generation. We aim to resource local churches for creative, innovative and world-changing worship; engaging with God, each other and the world around us.
Elevation Kids
Elevation Kids
Elevation Kids is the vibrant home for quality music and resources for children and families. Inspired songs, rich in faith, overflowing with great melodies and perfect for resourcing churches, children’s clubs, schools and all-age events are available in one place for you to buy, download and learn. A handy theme guide, scripture index and alphabetical song-list are features which make this site unique.

Elevation Kids believe that ‘kids deserve the best’ – so our Elevation Music family consists of some of the best children and all-age ministries and songwriters in the UK including Doug Horley, Big Ministries, Pete James, Becky Frith, Vineyard Kids, Trevor Ranger, and many, many more.
Elevation Kids is committed to developing songs and other resources in order to guide, teach and nurture children into becoming ‘Giants Of Faith’……and make it fun aswell!

The All-in Thing
The All-in Thing
Ideas Hub
Ideas Hub
Creative ideas to bring the Bible alive. Free ideas for Sunday and midweek groups and all-age services
The United Reformed Church - Resources for Children and Youth
The website of The United Reformed Church Children’s and Youth Team with lots of practical session for children and young people and guidelines for safeguarding.
Singing from the Lectionary
Singing from the Lectionary
Weekly song, hymn and recorded music suggestions and resources for worship – based on the Revised Common Lectionary. Suggestions are posted on Wednesday nights, usually a few weeks in advance of each Sunday.
Worshiping with Children
Worshiping with Children
Many worship planners want to include the children in their congregation’s worship in ways that help them experience God’s presence now and help them grow as worshiping disciples. Figuring out how to do that on any given Sunday is not always easy.

This lectionary-based blog offers specific helps for specific Sundays. It is not about children’s sermons, although I hear people are using the ideas here to create them. It is not about children’s church services which separate children from the rest of the worshiping congregation, although I hear people are using these ideas to build those services too.

It is really about inter-generational worship which intentionally includes God’s people of all ages in a single service.

Child Theology
Child Theology
“Doing theology with a child in the midst” is at the heart of the Child Theology Movement (CTM We do theology this way in the hope that the theological reflection and engagement that comes from this can inform the mission and ministry of the whole church, not just work with children. This phrase is taken from Matthew 18:2 and reflects the action of Jesus in responding to his disciples’ question about who is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven.
Youth Work Resource
Youth Work Resource
Here at you’ll find a huge range of resources designed to aid you and your church in Christian youth ministry and outreach in both your community and in schools. We have session plans containing full outline with a guided age bracket, we have games for all occasions ranging from messy to nice and dry suitable for all youth groups, school clubs and Christian Unions. We also have a growing range of schools resources including assemblies for secondary schools and primary schools too!
All Age Preaching
All Age Preaching
Some thoughts and reflections
Diddy Disciples
Diddy Disciples
Worshipping with babies and toddlers began as a survival tactic, but it soon became a passion.
​The more we learned about the first six years of life, the more important they seemed. During those early years our sense of who we are and where we belong is shaped.
We realised that, if we wanted to build up a People of God:
who take part fully in worship
who are willing to lead
who see God and the Bible as relevant to life…
… this had to begin during these first six years.
Light Resources
Light Resources
Downloadable all age worship and learning material from Scripture Union
Flame Creative Children's Ministry
Flame Creative Children’s Ministry
Ideas for childrens ministry and creative prayer
A selection of Children's Bibles and storybooks
A selection of Children’s Bibles and storybooks
Children's Ministry Audit
Children’s Ministry Audit
A downloadable checklist document for church leaders to audit it’s children’s ministry provision.
Children are Welcome
Children are Welcome
A downloadable pack full of ideas to make children feel welcome in the church.
The Godventure website is full of ideas on working with children and helping them in finding fun, offering creative ways of sharing God with children.

Mor information on the website.

Go Teach Publications Ltd
Go Teach Publications Ltd
Go Teach is a UK based registered charity, which publishes Bible teaching material for use with children and young people aged 3 to 14 years. Go Teach began publishing dated Sunday School materials (under another name) in 1946. It is the longest established producer of such materials in the UK. Originally it was part of the work of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC).Its work is now managed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Evangelical Movement of Wales. Go Teach Bible teaching materials are distributed in the UK and throughout the world.

For further info please visit:

REBOOT is a youth event of RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries) that began in London in 2013 to create a space where teenagers from any background could ask questions about God and the Christian faith. So far, REBOOT has been held in some of the most important cities around the world, and we continue to visit more every year!

REBOOT is designed for young people, who have doubts about the Christian faith or who want to be more prepared to talk about God with their friends. We look at topics such as: “Why does God allow suffering?”, “How can we know that God exists?” and “Does science deny God?” among many other relevant topics today.

No question off limits!

At REBOOT events we try to provide an open space for teenagers (with faith or none), to raise their objections and thoughts about the Christian faith. It is an opportunity for them to be honest with the doubts they have and to formulate their own “big questions” about God, faith and life.

Youth Downloads
Youth Downloads
This site is designed to bring you as many youth ministry resources as possible. Here you will find sermon outlines, youth ministry games, Powerpoint templates, sermon series artwork, downloadable forms, etc.

UCCF Student work in Universities
Engage with the important questions of life
Explore what Christians believe and why
Compare Christianity to different religions and beliefs
Relate the Christian faith to all of life.

Wingfilm film clips for discussion
Movie clips that illustrate and inspire.
Now you can view inspirational movie clips from many of your favorite films. WingClips can also be downloaded to use in your school, church or other organization.

Youth Group Games
Youth Group Games
Youth Group Games is here to provide you with the latest, greatest and most expansive collection of games to play at youth groups, camps, scout meets, events or parties.

The goal of Sermons4Kids is to help those who are in children’s ministry or who may work with children in Christian schools or organizations.

Sunday school zone
Sunday school zone provides FREE printable children’s Bible activities for use with kids at home, church, and school, as well as resources for teaching children the Bible. We do this because we want to impact how parents, churches, and other organizations go about educating their children.

Sunday school crafts
Sunday school crafts
A selection of bible based craft ideas.
BRF Ideas Hub
BRF Ideas Hub
Creative ideas to bring the Bible alive.
Free ideas for Sunday and midweek groups and all-age services

The BRF Ideas Hub is the new home for creative ideas for children’s and family ministry from The Bible Reading Fellowship. Our hope in sharing this content freely is that it will continue to encourage, inspire and bless the church for years to come.

Detholiad o lyfrau i annog ac ysbrydoli
Children’s Spirituality – what it is and why it matters
Rebecca Nye, pub. CHP

Using contemplative practice with children
Sonia Mainstone Cotton, pub. JKP

Children’s Ministry in the way of Jesus
Csinos and Beckwith

I wonder – Engaging a child’s curiosity about the Bible
Elizabeth Caldwell pub. Abingdon

Raising Faith
Katharine Hill & Andy Frost pub. Care for the Family

Faith in Children
Ronni Lamont pub. Lion Hudson

Messy Hospitality
Lucy Moore pub. BRF

Growing Young
Powell, Mulder & Griffin pub. BakerBooks

Preaching with All Ages
Ally Barrett pub. Canterbury Press

The Essential Guide to Family Ministry
Gail Adcock pub. BRF

Rethinking Children’s work in Churches
Edwards, Hancock & Nash pub. JKP

Cyhoeddwyr llyfrau Cristnogol
Christian Focus Publications Ltd
CFP publish books across 4 imprints – CF4K (kids); Christian Focus (adult popular); Christian Heritage (classics) and Mentor (academic).

SPCK Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
Christian books for academics, students and general readers. Bible, theology, sprituality, pastoral care, prayer and cutting edge concerns of Christians everywhere.

The Good Book Company
All of us here at The Good Book Company are passionate about the Lord Jesus, His word, His church and His gospel of grace. Motivated by this passion and our involvement in local churches, it is our privilege to create and select trustworthy, relevant and accessible resources that will encourage you and your church family to keep going, keep growing and keep sharing your faith.

Kevin Mayhew Ltd
Serving churches, schools and music lovers the world over
Kevin Mayhew Publishers was founded in 1976 with the express intention of serving the entire Christian community. The company made its name initially as a publisher of hymn books, though the catalogue quickly grew to embrace choral, organ and worship music. In time, a book department was established to provide liturgical resources, material for children’s ministry, theological and devotional books.
Greeting cards, gifts and educational resources are also now offered in addition to a complete catalogue of church supplies that encompasses furniture, clerical wear, candles and much more. The music catalogue embraces all major instruments and the record label produces quality CD recordings of organ, choral and classical music, with many recordings made in our state-of-the-art studio.
The company holds a unique position in that its products are owned and trusted in equal measure by members of all Christian denominations. Whilst we continue to strive and pray for unity within the Church, we believe that it is possible to serve the whole Church of God – indeed many of our products enjoy broad appeal across the many streams.

Lion Hudson Ltd
Lion Hudson is committed to publishing quality literature, worldwide, which is true to the Christian faith. We publish books for adults and children under five different imprints. Lion Books, Lion Children’s Books, and Lion Fiction take accessible books that reflect a Christian worldview to a general audience while Candle Books and Monarch Books support Christian families, individuals and communities in their devotional and spiritual lives.

Bible Reading Fellowship
Publishing Christian resources for churches, home and family and childrens and youth ministry. Also publishers of the Messy Church Resources.

Wild Goose Publications
Wild Goose Publications, part of the Iona Community established in the Celtic Christian tradition of St. Columba, produces material on holistic spirituality, social justice, healing and song and books of worship resources and meditation.